Camping tips and advice: Stoves

When you head out to camp, you want to make sure that you’re prepared for the elements, but you also need food. If you’re only camping for a couple of days you can probably take enough to eat with you, but that doesn’t mean you want to eat everything cold. Also, if you’re going to be camping for a while, you’ll need to catch and cook some of the food that you’ll be eating, in most cases. Either way, you’ll need a cook stove, and there are several different kinds. You can get anything from a simple flame that you can heat things over, to a more elaborate stove with burners you can control, so you can heat more than one thing at a time. There are choices on either end of the spectrum and in between, as well. Which one you choose will depend on several factors. Of course the price will matter, because some people are very limited as to how much money they can spend on their camping hobby. Others simply want to use their money for other things and different gear, so they opt not to spend too much on a stove.

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