Majestic Africa A Travel Guide to the Cradle of Civilization

Our planet is one of the most beautiful creations in the universe. Thought to have formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago, it has spectacular attractions and wonders that are awe inspiring when witnessed. Only a small number of these attractions have been discovered while a majority are still yet to be found, their stories yet untold.

The continent of Africa is one of the Earth’s most beautiful attractions. Believed to be the cradle of civilization, where the first of our kind lived, it boasts of numerous tourist attractions so has something for everyone. A trip to Africa would never be complete without a visit to a national park and going on a safari or a gorilla trek. Now, with the much advancement in travel technology, along with the creative minds of people who love travelling, Africa has now changed the ways the term “safari” is understood. Only in Africa will you be able to go on a hot air balloon safari, a Zanzibar safari, a camping safari, and even a volcano safari. It is a guarantee that when any of these adventures are experienced, you will be left wanting more of this enchanting place.

Other interesting activities include a golf vacation in Zambia, whether for novices or seasoned players, at the different gold resorts that have mushroomed around the continent; a special travel package caters to disabled and elderly tourists that ensures an “enhanced” travel experience and a safari especially for food and wine lovers, known as the “culinary tour” of Africa.

Africa also houses a prestigious hotel school known as the Kenya Utalii College. Being one of the 28 centers of excellence in hotel and tourism education, according to The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), this school offers outstanding courses that cater to any interest in tourism and hotel management.

Because of Africa’s popularity as tourist destination, numerous travel guides and mobile applications have been developed to give travelers the best travel experience possible. These applications allow you to surf for a recommended travel itinerary, like hotels in Africa and travel packages, by previous travelers. You can also get information from these mobile applications about any aspect of travel in Africa and find out about the special memories of Africa other people have. You will no longer need to struggle with a paper map as there are also apps available that give a comprehensive map of any place on the continent.

Africa is indeed a tourist destination that offers more than you expect. Travelling to Africa is always a good choice, and there are always bound to be lots of surprises. Visiting Africa means gaining memorable experiences and having great adventures, as well as gaining new companions and friends.


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