Costa Rica Vacation – Best Flight Out of Town

After my girlfriend and I had a look at the numerous places and the entertainment provided we decided. It seemed the best thing to do was to do a 10-day journey. We believed that 5 days on the coastline and 5 days inland around San Jose and Monteverde would give us a good go to and enable us to see a large area of the country.

I got on the phone and called a regional travel representative and had a little talk. I found out a fair bit. You can book your very own air travel since nowadays there aren’t many trip discounts. That is becoming a distant memory. With tours you have it made easy for you. You are picked up and directed to the different dining establishments and entertainment offered to you.

Prime period is January, February, March, and April. It appears there is a little window in the start of December and again for the month of May for you to get good rates.

When I spoke with the travel representative she said she had been to Costa Rica a number of years back. She said that the traffic in San Jose was miserable. I am from Seattle and I hate traffic. It appears I can never get away from it. When I stated that I had issues with traffic I was mentioned to that I might fly into Liberia Flight terminal the other side of the island and avoid the capital all together.

It appeared to me that investing one day in the capital would suffice. I wanted to spend the rest of my 5 days inland at Monteverde and visit the Arenal volcano. I chose that I would fly in from Houston Flight terminal to Liberia Airport on the coast of Costa Rica spend my 5 days there, and then I would fly out of the San Jose airport back house.

I was still not sure of when I would be able to actually take this trip but I did ask the travel representative to provide me some sample rates for air travels. She gave me Wednesday through Thursday reservations since she stated that you get better rates booking that means instead of weekend to weekend.

The representative provided me sample rates for flights. For the high season of January, February, March, April, the airplane fare on Continental and Delta were $655.00 per person. In the off-season the airplane fare was $502.00 so at least there is a choice.

I had actually heard that it can take you up to a year to get one. I asked the travel agent about this and she said that things were running much smoother and it was taking a bit even more than 12 weeks to get your ticket.

When planning your journey, consider your convenience. The Caribbean side of the island can be more humid, particularly in the summer season.

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